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Meet Our Team

At Pillar Software we pride ourselves on supporting home-working wherever possible or, for those of us who need to be office-based, build a warm, friendly and fun workplace.

We operate a tiered Helpdesk service with 3 levels and focus on progression to success with a priority system well-established. The Helpdesk has an excellent reputation for providing a friendly service for all levels of user.

We are Recruiting - Join Us

Pillar software are currently recruiting. Find out more about our open positions by visiting our recruitment page.

Work is built in 'sprints', aiming to get a working build in front of clients as quickly as possible, based on agile and scrum methodologies. All staff are exposed to all standard ('Profess'-branded) products, apart from our legacy Windows solutions. All staff are Helpdesk-skilled, and we are keen to include all tiers in design meetings and testing.

Our partners include:

We use Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Visual Studio; Xamarin for cross-platform mobile deployment; Crystal Reports; Glance for remote desktop viewing; Axosoft OnTime for call-handling and Xero for our own accounts.