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We’re delighted to announce that Pillar Software Ltd. was formed 21 years ago on 18th March 1994.

Thanks to all our customers who have supported our business and Profess throughout its many guises – from Peer, Profess 3.1 for Windows, 4.1 and Profess 5 to Profess Time Manager.

With founder David Penny retiring in 2014, we’re in a new era of Pillar Software with new staff and new challenges. Succession is not easy but our success continues: recent new customers include AMA Nuclear and Solihull Council. We’ve also won a new bespoke system contract with Gemco UK Ltd.

We will be celebrating today between noon and 2pm, so our team will be temporarily unavailable.

Here’s to the next 21!

Carl Spiby
Executive Director

Carl Spiby 18-Mar-2015