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Profess / Contract Manager for Windows 5.0.031(6) released

The latest build of Profess Contract Manager & Profess Office Costing for Windows has been released and is nominated build number 5.0.031(6).

This build includes 41 work tickets with SMV values added to Schedule of Rates, individual Events in Event Planning now able to link to Documents via the Profess Document folder management system and a range of minor fixes.

Also in this build are the first controls to allow linking to the Profess Premises Portal. This is pre-launch work and while you can set these controls 'on' - they will have no impact until you have Profess Premises Portal loaded.

Premises Portal enables asset stakeholders to view details held in Profess Property Manager and Contract Manager regarding their properties/assets, including works orders, contracts, key contacts and the very powerful asset attributes available within Property Manager.

Call our Helpdesk on 01531 821 199 for details on how to access our secure download area if you'd like to update to this new version or would like a copy of the full release notes for this build.


Carl Spiby 24-Feb-2016