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Profess / Contract Manager for Windows 5.0.031(8) released

The latest build of Profess Office Costing for Windows and Profess Contract Manager for Windows is now available, and is assigned build number 5.0.031(8).

Contract Manager includes all modules, where licenced, Profess Property Manager, Profess RecOrder (works ordering) and Profess Contractor Tendering.

This latest build of our professional Windows product comprises 18 work tickets, including enhancements alongside tweaks to recent features that improve their functionality and overall usefulness.

In Contract Manager, you can now specify which Project Resource type is to be displayed on the Project Browse.

The default Finance codes on a Works Order can now be brought through even where using multiple Properties as specified against a Project or Repeat Order and in relation to the Schedule of Rates codes.

There is a new numeric field on the Certificate Payment form which allows the user to key a count of "Dwellings Completed". This is currently intended to be only be made available for reports and bespoke interfaces, and will not update the property Completions data held against multi-dwelling schemes (available only to Property Manager users).

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