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Quotations & Project Task Progress in Profess Time Manager

Having already worked with Hodkinson Consultancy (a specialist energy and environment consultancy for planning and development) to deliver an estimating/quotation page within Profess Time Manager, Hodkinsons' wanted to turn a quotation into a full project plan at a single click.

From there the plan would be managed through a new and easy to use project and task progress page.

For accepted Projects, the new page in Profess Time Manager allowed project leaders to update their percentage completes for each Task, while having visibility of time booked on timesheets.

Our design

In line with our ethos of getting end-users themselves involved in the design process, Pillar's development team created a detailed screen mock-up right at the start of the project. This gave Hodkinson staff complete visibility of how the page would look and work.

It is a method which we find encourages ideas and creativity between end-users and developers, building a richer solution through collaboration. In our experience this delivers better software faster, and providing greater value for money.

Here is that design... 


Parallel with the development, Pillar also provided implementation support. Hodkinson staff had hitherto booked time to Project and Activity, but quoted down to Task level. Now they wanted to record time at that deeper level of detail. Fine going forward as Time Manager already supported this option, but what about existing ongoing live projects?

Pillar were able to transform data booked to the new method with that richer detail by taking the work proportions split across the original quotation and the redistributing to those proportions against time spent to date. This meant Hodkinson staff could hit the ground running even though historic data was keyed at a different level.            

Hodkinson Consultancy went live with the new build in early 2016, and the work a great success.

Pillar's investment in the work & building a 'Community of Users'

As part of our standard approach to delivering continuous improvement, Pillar invested in this work to ensure it was also suitable and beneficial for other Time Manager users, should they wish to use quotations and project task planning progress management.

While Hodkinson Consultancy funded the bulk of the development, Pillar invested its time at the design, specification and on-site and remote client review stages. The benefit to Hodkinson Consultancy is an extensible standard, best-practice approach to the requirement but one which is also supported as a standard feature within the software and therefore our Helpdesk.

This is how we've built what we call our 'community of users' - a constant mix of Pillar design, customer feedback, client input and ongoing development - all delivered in a standard, supportable Profess product.                   

The Time Manager community benefits from such development coming to them at no extra cost.

We're very pleased with the result and it was a pleasure to deliver this for the team at Hodkinson Consultancy. If you'd like to review Quotations or the new Project Task Progress pages, contact our Helpdesk.


Carl Spiby 05-Feb-2016