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ROADS EXPO 2014 Edinburgh

Pillar Software were at the 2014 Roads Expo in Edinburgh, demonstrating Profess Roads Cost Manager.

Profess Roads Cost Manager is used by Leeds City Council, North Ayrshire Council, Falkirk Council and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, and was developed by Pillar Software in a working group consisting of the latter 3 Scottish Authorities. Not only has this resulted in a market-leading solution for infrastructure costing, but also demonstrates the benefits of collaborative working. Roads Cost Manager is a scalable, low-admin solution but with functionality tuned to represent shared best practice without compromising flexibility. This was the stand before the doors opened.

Meanwhile back at the office, the latest build is shortly about to enter testing. It includes additional refinements to the Dashboards and the means to automatically spread the cost of Hire Plant compared to actual use captured on Day/Jobsheets.

Expect the new build to be ready around mid November.

Carl Spiby 07-Nov-2014