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The importance of Training

The importance of continuous training throughout your career, or an employee’s career, may not seem that obvious to some.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would be vital when I first started my job. I figured I could just pick things up as I went on. This was one of those rare times that I am in fact, wrong.

After getting to a point where I was thinking I could be doing things better and could be more efficient, I realised I might actually benefit from training. Looking deeper into the benefits of training, I’m almost certain employers might be convinced to invest.

For starters, you can take courses to target specific areas that you wish to develop, such as time management. I soon learnt I did not need to take an Executive PA diploma, where half of the course was irrelevant or taught skills I already possess. As you can imagine, this also saves money.

Secondly, the business world is constantly changing and without training, you will find it difficult to stay ahead of competition.

As an added benefit, employee training also benefits the employer, such as improving productivity by keeping employees motivated. Training creates more efficient employees who require less supervision and less detailed instructions, which saves a significant amount of the employer’s time.

In addition, training can be used to create positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviours and attitudes that are expected.

One of the most rewarding benefits is that training demonstrates to the employee that they are valuable enough for the employer to invest in them and their development.


Carl Spiby 05-Mar-2014