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Profess Time Manager Features

Profess Time Manager is feature-rich and yet flexible enough not to jeopardise simplicity. Our solution allows you to deploy as much or as little functionality as you need.

  • Easy to use drag & drop timesheet entry
  • Diary-like Journal or traditional grid-style timesheet entry - you choose
  • Journal view allows time to be entered in the future, promoting better time management while completing your timesheet in advance
  • Automatically costed
  • Optional Approval process
  • Build your own Favourite Project/Activity combinations for speedy entry
  • Quick and easy copy facility
  • Book time to 'all day' in single operation
  • Set recurrence for repeating lines such as regular meetings or long-running assignments
  • Optionally send timesheet notes direct to Project Commentary to build a narrative of progress, milestones or impediments
  • User-defined filtering of which jobs can be booked to
  • Supports overtime rates and classifications
  • Option to add Project Charges and Expenses directly into timesheet
  • Ability to set time blocks in/out of office at a single click
  • You set the level of detail to be booked to (Client, Project, Sub-Project, Activity and Task) - as detailed or as light a touch as you need.
Leave, sickness, flexitime & absence
  • Optional Leave Management system fully integrated within Profess Time Manager
  • Visibility of balance, carried forward and leave taken on leave booking calendar
  • Leave booking calendar will show other staff already on leave
  • Leave request automatically sends optional alert and e-mail to Team Manager(s)
  • Leave booked automatically added to your timesheet
  • Leave booked automatically added to your Team Calendar
  • Leave Approval page includes reasons for decline, sending e-mail back to requestor
  • Set your own Leave Categories - as many or as few as you like: Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Flexitime, TOIL, Parental Leave etc.
  • Range of leave reports, including Bradford Factor reporting
  • Build you own 'Standard Calendars' for your organisation or individual Teams with its own non-working days, bank holidays, away-days etc. - all automatically added to timesheets
  • Supports 'private' leave - requiring approval but with limited visibility to protect sensitive absence
  • Book leave in hours or days         

  • Optional automatic Flexitime recording maintains your flexi balance from your timesheet
  • Set your own Flexitime rules for carry-over, period reset etc.
  • Includes clear in-system flexitime summary and reports
  • Simple to user - easily build your own data filters for each report
  • Shipped with dozens of standard reports for output to PDF, Excel or Word formats
  • Ability to save your data filters
  • Run reports immediately or schedule for repeated runs and automatic dispatch direct to stakeholder e-mail In-Boxes using your own distribution lists: ideal for regular meetings - send stakeholders output before your meeting begins
  • On-screen list pages, e.g. Project browse, can also be filtered, grouped, sorted and exported to Excel, CSV or PDF
  • Bespoke reports can be integrated into Profess Time Manager for running just like a standard report
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Additional functionality for power users

We offer a range of additional functionality which is also optionally available (and can be controlled by security). If you don't wish to use these, you can simply turn them off.

Items listed in this section are shipped as part of standard Profess Time Manager and therefore available at no extra cost.

Estimates and Quotations
  • Quickly & easily create job estimates/quotations with individual quote lines
  • Key quote lines by hand or select from your own Template
  • Each quote line includes a Task and a Deliverable
  • Quote lines include the Activity to be booked to, and where you might assign Staff
  • Use standard rates or override
  • Optional non-manpower quote lines supported to include any project charges that are supplied with the work, e.g. for certifications, flat-fee reports, expenses etc.
  • One-click Project creation upon acceptance
  • Option to build Project Plan from estimate/quotation at a single click
Project Planning
  • Project success through planning - easy with Profess Time Manager
  • Build your plan using an existing quote, a plan template or key your lines
  • Optionally plan right down to individual staff
  • Easily compare target plan time to actual time automatically gathered from timesheets
  • Use target plan to filter who can book to what on timesheets
  • Use target plan to override standard costing
  • Option to maintain percentage completions from your target plan, helping you manage project progress
  • Percentages can be subsequently used in invoicing
Invoicing Clients
  • Easy to use multi-stage client invoicing
  • Produce draft bills at each stage
  • Ability to drill-down into invoices lines to find the source of the charge
  • Override calculated amounts by hand or suspend lines altogether
  • Bills incrementally applied based on previously billed amount
  • Generate real invoices suitable for shipping direct to clients
  • Export data to your financial system

What our Clients Say

Optional Services and Add-ons

We've built Profess Time Manager so that, once configured no end-user training is required for day-to-day use.

For those new to time recording or wishing to restructure the way they track time or control costs, we offer a range of services including consultancy and on-site administrator training.

Additionally, the following add-ons are now also available for Profess Time Manager...

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What our Clients Say

What 'Options UK' say about Profess Time Manager​

Options UK: “We are delighted to be working with Pillar Software on the implementation of our new timesheet system. There were two main reasons why we chose Profess Time Manager and why we believe it’s such a good fit for us.

Firstly, we wanted a system that was easy and intuitive to use and didn’t mean that we had to spend time and resources training all of our staff in its use.

Secondly, we wanted a system that would enable us to structure it initially to meet our basic needs but allow scope to develop and use more advanced functionality over time.

For us Pillar ‘tick both boxes’ and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Pillar.”

Options UK (est. 2006) offer high quality public health research, insight and analysis for health and social care organisations across the UK. Options UK has conducted over 40 assignments, focusing on sexual and maternal health, working with people with complex needs, and using local data to map and predict need.

Take Profess Time Manager for a Test Run
Take a free trial of Profess Time Manager. No up front payment and your trial account is ready within a minute. We also offer a free system walkthrough to help you set-up your new, blank database: contact us to find out more.