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Profess Client Commissioning

Profess Client Commissioning

Profess Client Commissioning puts your clients at the start of the Project commissioning process. Built on the belief that making commissioning easy and summative for your clients will speed up the start-up and feasibility stages of new project work.

Profess Client Commissioning sits on the web, placed before your Profess Time Manager, Profess Office Costing & Time Recording for Windows or Profess Contract Manager for Windows modules, the application will generate Project References automatically based on user-defined rules, and validate key Project data to ensure smooth advance through your commissioning process.

Clients and Project professionals or administrators will be able to resolve outstanding items and raise queries.

An accepted commissioning can be linked to a range of Project, Plan (targeting), Cashflow and Event Plan templates to enable accurate Project creation, quickly and easily.

Once a commission is accepted, Clients can also use the same web app to view Project progress.

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Are you looking to improve your commissioning processes?

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