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Profess Product Roadmap

Current Builds 

Profess Time Manager : 2019.05.16                             
Profess Roads Cost Manager : 2019.07.22                   
Profess Place Portal : 2019.02.22                  
Profess Office Costing for Windows: 5.0.032(5)
Profess Contract Manager for Windows (and all modules therein): 5.0.032(5)

'Profess Office Costing for Windows' includes the optional add-on module Project Fee Targeting and Automatic Billing, where a valid licence is in place for these items. 'Profess Contract Manager for Windows' may also be known as 'Profess Project Manager' and includes the optional add-on modules RecOrder works ordering, Project Manager, and Contractor Tendering where a valid licence is in place for these items.
Please note that users with Cloud editions of our software will be given at least 24 hours notice of the proposed loading time, which we normally schedule for implementation during off-peak times, except in the case of emergency work.                               

What our Clients Say

Development Services has been using Profess products for many years. The Helpdesk at Pillar are really friendly and assume no prior technical knowledge. We’re happy with the turnaround and the service is first rate.

Falkirk Council Development Services: on Support from our Helpdesk

Dealing with Pillar has always been a pleasure as the staff are very friendly and responsive to any issues or queries raised. The support received has been invaluable and is second to none.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive: on Support from our Helpdesk

The support service provided by Pillar Software is first class – very friendly and helpful.

Simpson Associates: Property development consultancy

Current Development Schedule

Work is often performed by different teams at Pillar and therefore may occur in parallel, the listing below is presented in chronology of expected shipping order.

NOTES: Pillar reserve the right to re-schedule the works listed, or sprint content at any time and without notification. 

In Progress

Profess Roads Cost Manager 2019.10.xx

  • SPRINT CLOSED: will close within next 2 weeks
  • New Works Summary Dashboard (funded by Falkirk Council Roads section)
  • A range of minor fixes and client-funded minor changes

Find out more: about Profess Works/Roads Cost Manager

Profess Time Manager 2019.11.xx

  • High priority and funded tickets only

Find out more: about Time Manager

Profess Contract Manager & Profess 5.0.032(6)

  • CR-56 for Falkirk Council - changes to Certificate and Payment Approval screens
  • High priority and funded tickets only

Find out more: about Contract Manager

Profess 6 Time Manager

  • Next new major build - in progress
  • Currently with our Tech Foundation team for design and engineering, and our User Story team for UX/scoping review
  • Prototype refined security models in test sprints
  • More detail to follow
Future Projects

All future sprints are open. Note that the build number may change to reflect expected delivery timetable. We also have a 'backlog' of historically identified items not yet scheduled for inclusion in the sprints planned below.

Profess Roads Cost Manager 2019.11.xx

  • SPRINT OPEN: high priority or funded tickets only
  • Whilst awaiting next working group scheduled meeting: currently estimating/specifying work for Hillhouse Quarries Ltd.: import and exports to Access Dimensions via API and in-house Weighbridge system
  • Stirling Council - interfaces; functional specifications in progress
  • Interim build - possible additional drill-downs on Dashboards (may be pushed to next release)
  • Discussion on mobile-working to be re-raised at next Working Group
  • A range of minor fixes and client-funded minor changes

Find out more: about Profess Works/Roads Cost Manager

Profess Client Commissioning (requires Profess Time Manager) 

  • SPRINT OPEN: for high priority & funded tickets

Find out more: about Client Commissioning


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